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La société G4S

* Le chiffre d'affaire du groupe belge a atteint les 263 millions d'Euros en 2009.* Le groupe emploie 6.400 collaborateurs en Belgique exclusivement pour des activités de sécurité.* Le groupe belge met en œuvre une flotte de plus de 800 véhicules pour ses activités de transport, logistique, service de sécurité mobile et maintenance.* Les services – 


G4S Integrated Security Solutions

The G4S North American Experience

G4S is the world's leading international security solutions group. Offering a unique combination of personnel, project management, risk management, and technology solutions, G4S focuses on advancing the safety and security of businesses and Governments, ensuring the security of key assets—people, property, products and reputation.

G4S Proudly Offers Daily Pay!

DailyPay enables employees to access their earned, but unpaid wages before their regularly scheduled payday. Each day you work, you build up an Available Balance. You can then request money from your Available Balance whenever you want!

The G4S Security Risk Management Model

A risk-based, data-driven approach to delivering you an effective, integrated security solution. Learn more about G4S in the United States by visiting www.g4s.us

G4S Humanware

G4S has evolved into the ONE complete force in the security industry by utilizing a risk-based approach to merge the core strength of our security officers with comprehensive hardware, software and technology solutions. Learn more about G4S in the United States by visiting: http://www.g4s.us/g4s-humanware