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La société Marriott International, Inc.

Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel company, with more brands, more hotels and more opportunities for associates to grow and succeed. With 7,000 properties, you’ll find us in your neighborhood and in more than 122 countries across the globe. Learn about our 30 hotel brands at Find Your World.™

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To The Journey

At Marriott International, we celebrate the dreamers who make their own mark. Our founders, J.W. and Alice Marriott started with a small idea, a root beer stand. From there, it grew into a small hotel business, and then another, bigger one. Together they created something that changed their future—and maybe yours. A great career has always been a great adventure. Now it's your turn.

Ready. Set. EXPLORE! - Associate Discounted Hotel Rates

Working in the travel industry, we’re innately curious about the world. Far-away places, diverse cultures, exotic cuisines…we want to experience it all. At Marriott International, exploration isn’t just encouraged, it’s rewarded. Whether you're looking to explore a new city, or unwind by the beach with a good book in-hand, Marriott's great travel benefits are here to help you explore your world.

Voyage: Marriott's Global Leadership Development Program for Recent Graduates

Bring us your passion and your determination to succeed. We’ll show you a world of opportunity that reaches every corner of the globe. Launch you career with Voyage, Marriott International's global leadership development program for recent university graduates.

The Wandernaut Show: Marriott’s Happiness Culture is a Family Business

V trochu obrácené roli, Marriott Chief HR Officer David Rodriguez, hraje hosta Aleoxovi Wandernautovi v epizodě Alex’s show. Co dělat pro šťastné pracovní prostředí a jak můžeme podpořit blahobyt spolupracovníků? Alex sdílí to, co se naučil během návštěv spolupracovníků Marriottu po celém světě a vyměňuje rodinné příběhy se speciálním hostem, Debbie Marriott Harrison, Global Officer, která má na starosti kulturu.

90 Years Never Looked So Good!

Před 90 lety se naši zakladatelé J. W. and Alice Marriott rozhodli splnit si svůj sen s oddacím listem v jedné ruce a s A&W franšízovou licencí v ruce druhé. Vybudovali firmu, která změnila nejen jejich životy, ale i životy milionů spolupracovníků Marriottu během celé dekády. Oslavujeme 90 let úspěchu a růstu. Někteří z našich oblíbených lídrů sdílejí, čím je Marriott dnes a zítra vyjímečný.